Local MoSo by Primavera Designs.

It's All About Actively Promoting Your Local Business Using the Mobile and Social Media Platforms!

Your success is our top priority.  We strive to provide the highest quality products and services in mobile marketing and small business promotion to help you reach your goals.

Today's consumer challenges us to market in creative new ways.

They demand that we

  • stimulate their interest,
  • provide essential information simply and effectively, and
  • develop their loyalty to our products and services through all of our interactions with them.

Our mobile apps and sites are designed to help you meet those demands!

We won't just slap a simple mobile app together and tell you it will work miracles for your business.  We'll create a custom, feature-rich mobile app that is designed to engage your customers--with information, entertainment and useful features that keep them coming back time and again.

Today, EVERY business needs a mobile website! We know how to build a mobile site that will welcome and inform your customers--new and old--in a way that makes mobile navigation a breeze!

Predictions are that within the next two years, desktops for personal use will be a thing of the past--everyone will be mobile. Get a jump on your competition with a beautiful and highly functional mobile website from Primavera Designs.




And, we don't leave it at that!

As part of your purchase, we help you

  • get your customers using and sharing your mobile app or site,
  • determine the best way to use your mobile app or site to accomplish your goals,
  • train you and your staff to make content updates and revisions,
  • take ownership of  your mobile app name, so you never have to worry about losing that important real estate!

We're in it for the long haul...

We won't just build it--we'll teach you how to use it, and we'll be there to help you create an effective mobile marketing campaign using your new mobile marketing power tools!  You choose the level of help you want--from DIY with occasional help, to full service done-for-you campaigns.

Need or want more help?

We're also available to help you

  • creatively use your mobile app or site to retain and increase business,
  • get attention and make a difference in your community,
  • offer promotions that go viral, without the high cost of a deal site,
  • earn from your app with joint ventures,
  • improve your online presence and social media engagement
  • and much more!

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