App Features

Available Standard Features

Want to stay a step ahead of your competition?  Here are some of the powerful standard features that can be built into your app from Primavera Designs.  And when we're done with your app, you'll see how we've taken the "standard" to a whole new level by customizing the available features to your business.

Home Page

Your Home Page features a custom-designed image that includes your logo and/or a relevant photo, as well as these functional buttons.  Each of these features can alternatively be added as a separate tab.

HMPG combined2

Your Home Tab will connect them to you with one-touch calling, a map of your location and GPS directions from wherever they are to you, and enable them to share your app with their friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or text messaging.

Information Tabs

Your app will contain all the information your customers want to see about your business.  A tab can be created for any kind of information, and there are 1-tier, 2-tier and 3-tier tabs available for categorizing your information for easy and convenient access!

Your customers need to know the scoop about your business, and information tabs are a great way to provide it!

Your customers need to know the scoop about your business, and information tabs are a great way to provide it!


 Get Social!

Your customers will love getting social with your new app!  As you've seen, there's one-touch integration with Facebook and Twitter with the Tell-a-Friend Tab on your Home Page.  Those buttons take them directly to THEIR accounts, where they can share your app with their friends and followers.  Add these social media tabs, and they'll go directly to YOUR Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube accounts!  You can add a direct connection to any other social media site where your business has a presence, by simply adding a website tab.

soc med icons

Social Media is SO important to your business... why not make it easy for your customers to connect with you directly, with one touch from within your app?

Reward Them

Our apps allow you to reward them in several different ways... pick one or more.  You're going to LOVE how easy it is to draw them in and keep them coming back with these mobile reward solutions!  Using our Push Messages to tell them about your newest offers will ensure they know right away that there's something new in store.


Use one reward system, or all of them! Your customers LOVE it when you appreciate them this way!

 Connect Them

Connect them—to anywhere on the world wide web—with one touch, from your app!  Reservations have never been easier, or list nearby spots your customers might need or enjoy, like parking garages or entertainment.  Our powerful "Around Us" tab can be used in many ways to enhance their experience in your app.


Connect them to where they need to be to connect, learn or share your business, and you'll feel the impact of a viral campaign.

Reviews have become one of the most important aspects of marketing today.  Your app will connect them to the relevant review sites for your business, based on industry and usage.

Engage Them

Engagement is the way we form relationships with customers today.  And, relationships are what bring customers to you, get them sharing your business with their circle of influence, and bring them back.  Your app is designed to build relationship, and these are a few features that will put the experience over the top!


Engagement is key today... create a buzz inside your app with a fan wall, or get them sending you their photos for inclusion in your gallery. They'll have fun, and you'll enjoy the connection!


Educate Them

Got a Blog?  Podcast?  RSS Feed from your website, or another great source?  How about audio files of interest or importance to them?  We can load them into your app, for a great educational experience!


Create your own information source, or connect to an outside one. Either way, you engage your customers!


Capture Them

Your Mailing List is an important part of your marketing.  We can include an opt-in to your list in your app that will conveniently integrate with many popular email managers.  We can also build forms that email to you for collecting information they want you to have for a quote, a work order, or any other purpose.  Or, you can integrate a Wufoo Form into your app--it's your choice!


So many ways to capture their information and their attention! Build your list, gather what you need to provide a quote, or get them started as a new customer... your app can capture it all for you!

 Help Them

When your app has useful features built into it, your customers will use it—even when they're not at your business!  These are a few of the helpful "tools" they'll enjoy.

combined help

Help them out with a tip or loan payment calculator, a custom score keeper or a car finder feature. They'll use these great tools all the time--and that means they'll be thinking about your business!

Reach Them

Push Messages provide the ultimate way to reach them.  Send them any time--to everyone who has your app!  Remind them of your event, or advise them of new special offers... FREE!

That's right--there's no extra charge for unlimited Push Messages, and they arrive on their phone like a text message, but without "counting" as a text message, so there's no reason NOT to opt in.  More great news:  If they opt out, they STILL receive the message... all your Push Messages are stored on a tab within your app, where your customers can access them whenever it's best for them.

You can schedule your  Push Messages in advance, or right when you want to send them.  Got a slow time of day? Send a Push Message with an offer they can’t refuse, and literally drive business on demand!

push msg icon

Push Messages are a powerful way to drive business on demand!

Sell to Them

Make a Sale Without Taking Valuable Staff Time.  Take an order (and accept payment for it), even schedule a delivery of take-out food, sell them merchandise, and let them make a reservation (even pre-pay for it), all from within your app!  Your orders will arrive via email--or you can enable them to print directly to your Google-Cloud enabled printer!

combo sell

Mobile commerce is growing, and our powerful m-commerce features keep you on the cutting edge.


We pride ourselves on building a powerful, relevant and engaging app for your business at an affordable price.

Get in touch today... we'll have your app live in no time!
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