An app is an investment in the future of your business—just as your website was a few years back, and your mobile site is today.  We live in a technology-driven world, and it's imperative that every business keep up to avoid being left behind.

Our goal is to create a powerful promotional tool for your business that will enhance your bottom line for years to come. We know how tough cash flow can be, and we pride ourselves in the value you receive from us.  We challenge any other app developer to provide the same level and quality of service for the price.

How We Create Affordable Apps

For maximum usefulness and effect, your app must be easily, quickly and cost-effectively updated on a regular basis.  To accomplish this, we will build your app using a software program that is very user friendly, and allows you and your staff to make changes and updates as often as necessary.   (Of course, we are available to perform those services for you, if you prefer.)

We chose this particular app builder software for several reasons:

  • Affordable App Development that Meets Most Small Business' Needs for an App*
  • Easy Back-Office Management for Updates and Adding Content or Features
  • Unlimited Push Notices
  • Outstanding Tech Support
  • Your App is Available in Both Android and Apple Platforms, as well as HTML5
  • Regular Upgrades to Available Features & Functionality Keep Your Business on the Cutting Edge

Your app purchase includes your software license, with 24/7 online access to your back office.  This means (among other things) that you can send Push Messages any time you want!  And, since Push Messages are a powerful means of driving business "on demand," that can have a sizeable impact on your numbers.

Don't worry--your app purchase also includes a training session for you and your staff to get you started in managing your app in-house.  (We are available to do additional training sessions should the need arise.)

What's Included in Your Purchase Price

The purchase of your Mobile App includes:

  • Software Licensing
  • Design Consultation
  • Completed Design, Ready for Submission
  • Custom Icon for Your App
  • Back Office Training Session (up to 2-1/2 hours)
  • Consulting:  First Month's Mobile Marketing Campaign Development
  • Consulting:  How to Get Your App Out There
  • Digital File of Poster Advertising Your App
  • QR Codes for Easy Downloading of Your App
  • Submission to Apple and Android

Not Included:

  • Monthly Hosting (Required)
  • Monthly Maintenance, Consulting, Update Service or Push Notice Services

Pricing Your App

Your app will become the central hub of connection to your business.  When you consider that the  purchase of your app is a one-time investment and will provide years of cutting-edge marketing, it's likely the most cost-effective marketing you'll ever purchase!

We pride ourselves on creating a powerful, relevant and engaging app for your business—at an affordable price.  Price is determined by

  • the type of business you have and your target customer, which will determine the amount and type of content to be included;
  • the availability of existing content (text, photos, graphics, existing online presence); and
  • your goals, which will determine the type and number of features that will be included.

For this reason, we ask that you submit a request for a quote.  We will provide you with a comprehensive proposal that includes recommended features for your business and a price based on those recommendations.

Here is a basic price guideline for our apps (please see above for all of the great features and services that are included in your purchase price):

  • Individual Artist, Musician, Comedian, Actor or other Independent Entertainer, or Political Candidate:  All-inclusive prices start at $1,200 for a simple, yet custom app.
  • Basic App for a Small Business:  All-inclusive prices start at $1,800.
  • Deluxe App for a Small Business:  All-inclusive prices Start at $2,200.
  • Premium App for a Small Business:  All-inclusive prices Start at $2,600.

A variety of payment plans are available for your convenience.  Ask about our current specials... you can't beat our Mobile Marketing Packages!

You're gonna love the marketing mileage you get from your app!

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