Your App—A Power Tool for Your Business

Your app is a very powerful, interactive tool for connecting with your clients.  It will

  • Enhance your branding;
  • Increase your social exposure; and
  • Educate, while building stronger relationships, with your clients.

Connecting Them with Information is Key

Your app can contain any information you choose, in a variety of formats, and can connect your clients with any page on the world wide web with just one click.

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • PDF Files
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds

—even appointment requests and reservations can be made within your app!

Quick & Easy Content Updates Are Essential

For maximum usefulness and effect, your app must be easily, quickly and cost-effectively updated on a regular basis.  To accomplish this, we build your app using a software program that is very user friendly, and allows you or your staff to make changes and updates as often as necessary.   (Of course, we are available to perform those services for you, if you prefer.)

We chose to use this app builder software for several reasons:

  • Affordable App Development that Meets Most Small Business' Needs for an App
  • Easy Back-Office Management for Updates and Adding Content or Features
  • Unlimited Push Notices
  • Outstanding Tech Support
  • Your App is Available in Both Android and Apple Platforms, as well as HTML5
  • Regular Upgrades to Available Features & Functionality Keep Your Business on the Cutting Edge

Your app purchase includes your software license, with 24/7 online access to your back office.

Why Your Ability to Access and Update Your App is Important

This means (among other things) that you can send Push Messages any time you want!  And, since Push Messages are a powerful means of driving business "on demand," that can have a sizable impact on your numbers.

  • Encourage customers to come in during specific (less busy) time periods;
  • Send them reminders about events;
  • Advise them of your daily or weekly—even seasonal—specials; and
  • Keep your business their "go to" source when they need your services.

You Won't Be On Your Own!

Don't worry--your app purchase includes a training session for you and your staff to help you get started in managing your app in-house.  (We're available to do additional training sessions should the need arise.)

And, if you just want us to handle it, no problem--we have monthly service packages to meet your needs.

The purchase of your Mobile App from Primavera Designs includes:

  • Software Licensing
  • Design Consultation (may be conducted by phone)
  • Completed Design, Ready for Submission
  • Custom Icon for Your App
  • Back Office Training Session (up to 2 hours)
  • Consulting:  First Month's Mobile Marketing Campaign Development
  • Consulting:  How to Get Your App Out There
  • Digital File of Poster Advertising Your App
  • QR Codes for Easy Downloading of Your App
  • Submission to Apple and Android
  • YOU Can Own the App Name in the Android and Apple Stores

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