Preview an App

To take a look at one of our demo apps, follow these simple instructions.  (Please note that in some of these demos, not all features are functional or complete.)

Step 1:  Click the white arrow on the display.

Step 2:  Choose the type of business you would like to see from the list below.

Step 3:  Using the onscreen keyboard (or your computer keyboard), enter the App Code for the business in the email field (app code is not case-sensitive).  Leave password field blank.

Step 4:  Click on the "next" button, then on the "go" button. Your chosen App will open.  Use your mouse or trackpad to navigate within the App.


Medical Imaging
App Code:  YCAIDemo

Property Management
App Code:  NorthwoodsPM

Travel Agent
App Code:  PremierTravel

Fitness Center
App Code:  TrackTown

App Code:  HIWBBQ

Pizza Restaurant
App Code:  tpremave20

Sports Bar
App Code:  Jillys

Retail Pet Store
App Code:  Gaiser

IT Service
App Code: MedicIT

Service Business
App Code:  PoolServiceInc

Political Candidate
App Code:  AngelDiaz

Retail Bakery and Specialty Foods
App Code:  StephensFarm

Retail Specialty Grocery (Health Foods)
App Code:  NewEarth

App Code:  ACAS

App Code:  RSALaw

App Code: DrShermanDDS

Real Estate Agent
App Code:  DemoREA

Real Estate Office
App Code:  CBChicora

Financial Services
App Code: SUMMIT

App Code:  SFumato

App Code:  AdelaideSailingClub
App Code:  DF0001

Weight Loss
App Code:  Nutrishop
App Code:  HESR

App Code:  Europa1
App Code:  Railbridge













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