1.  What is a mobile website for business?

A mobile website is a website that, when properly designed, is optimized for viewing and navigating on a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet.  Trending technology makes a mobile website an essential tool for every business.   Like a desktop site, a mobile site is hosted on the internet, and accessed via an internet connection.

2.  What is the difference between a mobile simulator and a dedicated mobile site?

A simulator is software that extracts information from your desktop site and endeavors to place it in a more mobile-friendly format for viewing on a mobile device.  A dedicated mobile site is built from scratch, and is not dependent on your desktop site for its content or functionality.

3.  A simulator sounds so easy--why isn't that sufficient?

I'll try to keep this brief,  but there are so many reasons, that's going to be a challenge...

a.  Perhaps the most compelling reason is that most business owners do not have access to their desktop site to update it.  This means that content changes only happen when they hire their web developer to make them, and when the web developer fits it into their schedule.  We've heard from countless business owners that it is really hard to get updates to their website done, and therefore it's nearly impossible to keep the information current.  Most say they can't use it as a promotional tool at all, because they can't get changes made in a timely fashion.

Our mobile sites include back office access--and training in how to use it.  The software we use is extremely user friendly, and with a little practice, you'll be up and running in no time!  If you prefer, we offer monthly maintenance and updating services to help you out!

b. Mobile visitors are very particular about the validity of the information they get from your mobile site.  They expect the information to be current, accurate and complete--but not overdone.  They want to find out what your daily specials are, what time you close, and how to get there from where they are--without jumping through hoops or wasting time.  They're also finicky about the overall experience.  They want it to be pleasant and appealing while they find what they want.  Colorless, flat and uninteresting designs are not recommended.

c.  Mobile is an "instant gratification" platform.  For that reason, many people prefer searching on a mobile device, even when their desktop is available.   Desktop sites are often built with information that only serves to "fill up the site," and information is often laid out in a rambling fashion.  A simulator draws from that information, and the end result can be a disaster from a mobile perspective.

d.  A well-designed mobile device should contain all the information your customers need, without it feeling cumbersome.  With technology moving toward most people using mobile devices exclusively by as early as 2015, that's important.  It's a delicate balance of the right amount of information in the right order, and categorized with the mobile visitor in mind.

e. Simulators can't reorganize your information effectively, because software can't think like a human.  When we design a mobile website, we take the time to understand your business, and who your customers are.  We then categorize and present your information in a way that meets your mobile customer's needs and gets them to what they want--quickly.

f.  Statistics show that mobile users who have a bad mobile experience on your site will leave and go to a competitor's site.  Worse, they won't come back!  Can you trust your customer's experience to a simulator?

In conclusion, let me say that there are many simulators available, with varying results, but none of them comes close to the quality of a well-designed mobile site.  It's kind of like the difference between frozen food and made-from-scratch.   Good frozen food might fill your belly, but it's never going to compete with the quality or experience of homemade.

3. How can I tell a good mobile site from a not-so-good one—and why does it matter?

That's easy... just visit a few websites on your mobile device, and you'll soon understand the difference.  Please start with some of our mobile sites.  You can find some links here:

Then take a look at some of your favorite business' sites on your mobile device--including your own!  (You'd be surprised how many business owners and managers tell us they've never looked at their own website on their mobile device.)   We have no doubt you'll understand why the quality of a mobile visitor's experience is important to your business.  And we're also confident that once you've done a comparison, you'll know we are the right choice for creating your mobile website!

4.  I have a website.  Do I still need mobile site?

Your customers are mobile, and so are your competitors.  Don't let your business be one of those that are left behind!  Finding and connecting to a desktop website from a smart phone or tablet device can be very tedious and time consuming.  Your customers may give up their search for you, or be taken to the wrong site.  If they do get to your site, navigating a desktop website from a smart phone can be a difficult and frustrating experience that may not result in your customers finding what they are looking for.

5.  I have a mobile app.  Why would I need a mobile site?

Together, your mobile app and mobile website create a powerful mobile presence for your business.  You'll enjoy cost-effective promotion of your business for years to come with this duo.  They do function a bit differently, though, and they serve a slightly different purpose.

A mobile site is an introduction to your business.  It is usually the first contact your mobile prospects have with your business (another reason why it's SO important), and their experience with it can strongly influence whether or not they do business with you.

But, a mobile site is limited in functionality, and while our custom mobile sites have a high level of functionality that feels like a mini-app, they still don't offer the level of functionality and connectivity with your customers that an app does.  A mobile app, then is more powerful for customer retention.  And, a mobile app lets you reach out to your customers on the device they carry with them 24/7--allowing you to drive business on demand.

6.  Can I link  my mobile visitors to my social media accounts on my mobile site?

Yes, you can link your mobile visitors to any of your social media accounts with a simple click.

Your mobile site will include a link directly to your Facebook Page, where your fans can read your posts, comment, and share them to their own Timeline.  Your mobile site's home page will also include a link that allows them to share your app with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email with a single click.

Our mobile sites can even reward visitors for a Facebook Like or Check-in!

Why is that important?  Facebook has become a very powerful marketing tool for businesses, but, it's not perfect.  If your fans are not on their Facebook home page when your post arrives, they may not ever see it because not everyone takes the time to review older posts and share them.  And, navigating to your Facebook Page on a mobile device can be as challenging as finding your website.

7.  What about Review Sites?

Reviews are fast becoming one of the most important aspects of your marketing campaign, and prospective customers rely heavily on reviews that have been posted about you when deciding whether or not to do business with you.  Your mobile site from Primavera Designs will include links to the review sites that your customers use most to review your business.  Giving your customers (and prospective customers) easy access to these sites is one way to encourage them to leave those important reviews.

8.  How will I use my mobile site to promote my business?

A mobile site from Primavera Designs offers you endless possibilities in promoting your business!  Because of the powerful features we offer, and your ability to update content any time you want to, there is no end the ways in which to promote your business with one of our mobile sites.

We love helping you discover new and creative ways to  use your mobile site to drive more business and improve your bottom line!  We offer consulting to help you develop a promotional campaign using your mobile site and/or mobile app.  Your campaign will be tailored to the type of business you own and the goals you want to accomplish.  With accurate, up-to-date information, mobile coupons, and special offers, your mobile site will help you take your marketing to a whole new level.

9.  Why will my customers want to visit my mobile site?  

Your customers will enjoy the ease and simplicity in connecting with you on your mobile site.  Whether it's

  • simply verifying your hours or the daily special,
  • using your mobile coupons to get a discount on their purchase,
  • getting directions to you from wherever they are,
  • sharing your business with their friends,
  • placing an order while they're on the go, or
  • interacting with you about a transaction,

they'll appreciate the time savings and convenience of this connection.

10.  How will I get them to use it?

We will provide you with html code to be inserted at the top of each page on your desktop site (you will need to send this code to your web developer, after your mobile site is live).  Mobile visitors to your site will automatically redirected to your new mobile site by that code.  It's that simple!

Okay, so we know you're going to be excited about your new mobile site, and you'll want everyone to visit it!  So, your mobile site's back office will generate a QR Code for any page with just one click.  That means you can provide your customers with a quick and easy way to access your new mobile site.

Once they're there, they'll find instructions for saving your site to their device's home page, so they can access it any time, with just one click!  We even provide you with a custom icon that shows up when they save it to an Apple device!

11.  What sets my mobile site apart from my other marketing tools? 

                Convenience.  A well-designed, full-featured mobile site provides them with a positive mobile experience with your business--the first time and every time.

Instant Gratification.  No more frustration navigating your website from their mobile device.  No more hoping they'll find your Facebook page to get your updates.  Everything they need is right there in your mobile app where they can find it quickly and easily.

Eco-Friendly.  Green is the trend of the century.  Our planet is in desperate need of our help, and mobile marketing is one way you can make a difference immediately.

Branding.  Your mobile site reinforces your branding, making it a powerful tool for building recognition.

Timeliness.  Information is updated in real time--no more expired coupons or outdated ads!  You control the information your customers see.  Seasonal items - daily specials - new arrivals.  All of the important news your customers need can reach them on the day--even within the hour--that it matters.

Easy Access.  Because your mobile site is navigable on their mobile device, your customers will be able to get the information they need any time.  They won't have to weed through their emails (or snail mail!) to find your message, or remember to check your social media for updates.