Your Mobile Site Will Have Many Useful Features

A full-featured mobile website from Primavera Designs is much more than what you expect from a mobile website.  With all of the available features, and your ability to quickly (and easily) update it at any time, it's a powerful promotional tool for your business!

Before we start, we take the time to understand your business and your target market.  Armed with a feel for your business and your customers, we begin a custom design that reflects your branding.


We Start with Basic Features

Of course, your mobile site begins with the features that are essential for every business:

  • Your Logo;
  • Photo(s) of Your Product or Establishment;
  • One-Touch "Call Us" Button;
  • Location and Hours;
  • A Map and GPS Directions to Your Location;
  • Information About Your Products and Services;
  • One-Touch Connections to Your Social Media Accounts;
  • One-Touch Connections to Review Sites;
  • One-Touch Sharing Shortcuts--They'll Share Your Site on Facebook, Twitter or via Email; and
  • Instructions for Saving Your Site to Their Phone

Then Take It to the Next Level

To these basics, we add custom buttons that increase the visual impact of your site, and reinforce the mobile navigation.

Next we'll add features that take it to the next level.  These might include:

  • A Form for Visitors to Request Information, an Appointment  or a Quote--It's Custom Built Just for You, So It Will Accomplish Your Goal;
  • A YouTube Video or a Link to Your YouTube Channel;
  • A Shopping Cart for Your Products (Yes, They Can Purchase on Your Mobile Site!);
  • An RSS Feed that Provides Valuable Information for Your Customers;
  • An Announcements or Events Page;
  • An App that Connects to Your Existing Eventbrite Account for Promoting and Selling Events;
  • Helpful Links to Additional Websites of Interest to Your Visitors;
  • An App that Rewards Visitors for Facebook Likes or Check-Ins;
  • Coupons for Your Special Offers; or
  • An Image Gallery that Shows them What You're all About.

Your site includes unlimited pages, which allows us to categorize your information in a way that makes mobile navigation quick, easy and effective.

You'll have 24/7 back office access, and a 2-1/2 hour training session on how to navigate it and update your site--in addition to tech support and training videos.  All included in your purchase!

Providing You With Just the Right Tools to Promote Your Business


Want to offer weekly coupons, and you're tired of the limitations of print advertising?  No problem!  You can create a coupon in minutes, with whatever offer you want.  Every day; every week; every month.  No Limits!  Create a coupon that's only good during certain hours--or on a single day, and drive traffic right when you want it!

DID YOU KNOW?  Mobile coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of printed coupons!

Want to do special promotions with custom mobile landing pages?  No problem!  You can generate a QR Code for any page on your site.  Use that code to send mobile visitors right to your special offer that's exclusive to a certain group.

Want to do a fundraiser for your community?  No problem!  We'll help you set up a coupon or promotional page that will make it easy to track.

Your Mobile Site's Back Office Will Work for You

Your Back Office Dashboard includes options that make your mobile site work for you!

  • SEO Settings;
  • Statistics and Reports;
  • Leads and Contacts;
  • Google Analytics Set Up; and
  • Much More!

Let us do a demo site for you today!

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