Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Online Reputation Management  Services from Primavera Designs

Building your online presence and managing your reputation is an essential, task-oriented process that requires an investment of time as well as an understanding of technology.

DIY Services are recommended for those who:

  • Have a good understanding and comfort level with technology;
  • Prefer to be "hands-on" with their technology and reputation;
  • Have staff members trained and dedicated to their technology or online marketing; and/or
  • Have a limited budget but plenty of time to accomplish the tasks.

Another good candidate for our DIY Service is a business that has completed one of our full-service packages, and wants a DIY Service as an alternative to our Maintenance Service.  In that instance, it provides what you need to monitor your status yourself, rather than paying us to do it for you.

Are you ready?  Our DIY Service provides a

  • Monthly Online Status Report

that serves as an easy-to-follow road map of the goals, targets, and priorities that will lead you to success in managing your online reputation yourself.

DIY Onboarding.  In order to set up your account to appropriately reflect your current status, we need to Onboard your business to our system.  This is a process of gathering considerable information about your business and entering it into your Profile, and then producing a baseline report.  Your Profile is important—it's what tells our system the accurate information about your business, so it can determine the sites that have outdated, inconsistent or inaccurate information about you.

DIY is a Month-to-Month Service.  This service requires that you pay for Onboarding in advance, and has no minimum duration of service.  DIY Onboarding does not include our Syndication Broadcast Service (as our full-service packages do), but offers it as an optional add-on.


We have some great add-on services that are available "a la carte" to make your job easier as a DIYer.

Syndication Broadcast Service.  This service does a broad-range submission to specialty sites that may broadcast your information to additional sites and/or make it available to specialized groups.  We target over 100 sites with your basic information to jump-start the process of building your online presence rapidly.

This service gets you found quickly in a large number of sites, but does not submit the details that many sites require--and most customers seek in an online search.  This is a great jump-start to your presence building, especially if you currently have little or no presence, or you're just starting out.

Review Syndication Service.  This service will syndicate your high-rated positive reviews to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.  Up to 5 reviews with ratings of 4.5 or higher will automatically post to these social media sites.  You select the number of reviews you want to syndicate, as well as the rating level (we recommend 4.5, but you could choose a higher or lower rating).  Reviews are "collected" by our system on a weekly basis.

DIYers can also choose to add our Review Management Services and/or our Single Submission Service, which can help reduce the time spent on your reputation management.  These are great options for those who have completed one of our full-service packages, and wish to go forward as a DIYer.

We're flexible!  DIYers can choose to upgrade services for a period of time and then go back to DIY status.