Full Service ORM

Full Service Online Reputation Management from Primavera Designs includes:

  • Building a strong online presence for your business;
  • Monitoring and reporting on your business' reputation;
  • Monitoring and responding to reviews about your business;
  • Leveraging your positive reviews; and
  • Reporting to you.

Your level of service will be determined by the package that you choose, and can be upgraded at any time.

We provide a monthly, ongoing service for building an effective online presence and managing the online reputation of your business.  To accomplish that, we will:

  •  Search for your business listing in popular online directory sites that rank highest in search engines for your industry (where consumers are most likely to find out about you);
  • Submit your business to high-ranking directory sites where you do not have a presence;
  • Enhance existing online content and correct erroneous information related to your business;
  • Compile reviews, ratings and other consumer-generated content related to your business;
  • Respond to negative, as well as positive, reviews (responses will be sent to you for approval prior to posting);
  • Post positive reviews about your business to your Facebook and/or Twitter Pages;
  • Report your status, activity and progress on a monthly basis.
 Onboarding & Set Up

During your Onboarding & Set Up, we will gather the information necessary to perform the ongoing monthly services, complete client initiation services, run initial reports to determine where you stand and what sites we will target for submission, and ascertain that everything is ready for building your online presence.

We will then run a Syndication Broadcast service to get your submission services started.  Our Syndication Broadcast service does a broad-range submission to specialty sites that may broadcast your information to additional sites and/or make it available to specialized groups.  We target over 100 sites with your basic information to jump-start the process of building your online presence rapidly.  This service gets you found quickly in a large number of sites, but does not submit the details that many sites require--and most customers seek in an online search.

We will follow this start-up service with monthly targeted submissions, which will add detailed information about your business to the sites that require it, and correct any details that already exist but are inaccurate.

Ongoing Basic Monthly Services

During each of your service months, we will "fast track" your business' online presence by performing the following services:

  • Provide you with a monthly Online Status Report showing your current score;
  • Determine the most strategic online sites for your business, and target those sites first;
  • Provide an activity report showing our recent activity on your behalf;
  • Provide a competitive report showing paid advertising results for your keywords;
  • Submit your business' information to the top online sites for your business at the rate indicated in your selected service package.  These sites include search engines, industry registries, local directories, social networking and review sites;
  • Provide a report containing online reviews posted about your business;
  • Send up to five (5) reviews weekly with ratings of at least 4.5 Stars to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages; and
  • Provide you with QR Codes containing links to your review pages as they are claimed.  Posting these will encourage your customers to post reviews about your business on the most frequented review sites for your industry and area.
 Review Management Service Packages

Review Management Services are available as an add-on to your Online Presence Building Services. When you add Review Management Services to your contract, we will:

  • Consistently monitor the online reviews about your business;
  • Draft professional, personal responses to both negative and positive online reviews, focusing first on negative reviews;
  • Submit our draft responses to you for approval; and
  • Post approved review responses to the respective review sites.

Review Management Services are available in different quantities, to suit any business.    Monthly packages are available for:

  • Level 1:    3 Responses
  • Level 2:  10 Responses
  • Level 3:  15 Responses

and can be ordered for multiples of any level on a monthly basis.  Businesses with a large number of reviews across several review sites may want to contract for two or more Review Management Service Packages per month.

Review Management Services are payable monthly in advance via credit card.

Maintenance Services

When your initial contract for Online Presence Building Services is complete, services will automatically continue on a Maintenance Level, month-to-month, unless or until we receive a 30-day notice of cancellation of services.

Maintenance Services include:

  • A monthly Online Status Report showing your current status;
  • Ongoing monitoring of your status, with occasional recommendations for services if it is determined they are needed;
  • Ongoing monitoring of reviews posted about your business, with recommendations for responses as needed or advisable; and
  • Optional Posting of up to five (5) reviews weekly with minimum ratings of 4.5 Stars to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages.

Additional services can be added to your Maintenance Services.  Options include our Single Submission Service and Review Management Services.

Single Submission Service

During your Maintenance Level Service, an occasional submission may be recommended.  We offer a  Single Submission Service, on an as-needed basis, to accommodate your needs. Single Submission Services are payable in advance via credit card at the time they are ordered.